Field Mapping

Map and calculate acres on your farm. Helps make planning and budgeting easier. Also aids in keeping track of fertilizer and pesticide applications.

Field Scouting

Scout fields for pests such as weeds, insects or disease and make recommendations. This also includes pulling petiole and soil tests to aid in crop management.

Product Application

Spread dry fertilizer as well as plant some small seed crops. Spray liquid chemicals as well as liquid fertilizers. Our applicators are all certified and all equipment contains guidance systems.


Complete line of pesticides for Agricultural use and Turf & Ornamental use. Our consultants will help you choose the best pest control for your crop.


Roundup Ready Corn.  Conventional Corn and Alfalfa. Grass seeds for turf. Sorghum Sudan Grass. Special order seeds.


Complete line of N,P,K,S and micronutrients. We offer custom blends to ensure the best crop results. Bagged lawn and garden fertilizers blended for Eastern Idaho soils.